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What’s BlueKeep and why does it matter?

What is BlueKeep? BlueKeep is the name given to a severe vulnerability that Microsoft recently identified in its Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) service. This is being tracked [...]

25 June 2019|

Cybercrime, or cyberwar?

What's the Difference? If your business finds itself in the unfortunate position of being hit with a cyber attack, you might suddenly find semantics important. In two [...]

8 May 2019|

Sinking to new depths

What's happening The tragic events in Christchurch last week are being used by scammers and attackers as an opportunity to perform targeted online cyber attacks against New [...]

19 March 2019|

Scams Are Big Business

What's New? Cert NZ has released its final quarterly report for 2018. The Cert NZ reports provide an interesting snapshot of recent cyber security incidents reported in [...]

13 March 2019|

NZ Cyber Security Summit 2018

A couple of weeks back we had the pleasure of attending the annual Cyber Security Summit in Wellington. Over 160 cyber security experts gathered together, and there [...]

30 October 2018|
phew cyber security sorted

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