An altogether different type of virus

Although we don’t like to appear alarmist, we are in the business of pre-empting and managing risk and so we prefer to be early and prepared, and to communicate well in advance of predictable scenarios.

We are mindful of the potential disruptions that may be caused by the novel Coronavirus and the Covid-19 illness it causes, depending on how the pandemic progresses in Australasia. This is a just short post setting out our own processes and future plans in this regard.

  • We do not anticipate any business continuity issues at phew in the event of workplaces closing or limitations being imposed on travel or social contact. All of our services can be provided remotely. We have secure remote access to all of the systems we support, and we do not depend on any particular location for providing our normal service levels on any service.
  • We have a Coronavirus and Covid-19 policy in place for our staff.
  • To play our part in the social distancing that is said to significantly reduce the spread of the virus, and to help “flatten the curve” of the pandemic, we will move towards limiting in-person contact and opt for email, phone and video communications whenever possible. If and when in-person meetings are called for, our staff will not attend if they, or anyone they have been in contact with, are showing any signs of illness.
  • We will continue to communicate with our customers via email, as well as here our blog and on social media channels, as required.
  • Also, we suggest that you encourage your own staff to be on the look-out for phishing emails that relate to the Coronavirus or Covid-19. Normal anti-phishing scrutiny should be applied to any such mails.  We know from experience that topical subjects have high phishing success rates and no subject is apparently off-limits to attackers.

We wish everyone good health as we move into Autumn and the pandemic progresses.