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Where Are Your Hackers Located?

Interestingly it doesn’t really matter. The thing to know is that they’re not located anywhere in particular. Or rather, wherever they are based geographically doesn’t matter, because [...]

16 May 2024|

Do You Test Pens?

Do You Test Pens? “Literally, what do you do all day?” That’s a question we get from time to time, perhaps because what we do is not [...]

3 April 2024|

Why caring is important in security

Why caring is important in security When I started phew, I had very clear intentions about building a solid reputation for caring. “Caring” might seem like a [...]

12 March 2024|

The phew Top Ten Greatest Hits (…Of Vulnerabilities)

First Up, The OWASP Top 10 Many of you who work or have backgrounds in web application development or cyber security will be familiar with the OWASP [...]

18 October 2022|

phew joins Government Marketplace for Information Security Professional Services

We are delighted to announce that phew has been recognised as an approved supplier of security services on the New Zealand Government's Marketplace, through a Collaborative Marketplace [...]

6 September 2022|

CERT NZ Quarterly Update Q1 2022

The Latest from CERT NZ What's New? CERT NZ is a central organisation that receives cyber incident reports from both individuals and businesses. It tracks attacks and [...]

30 May 2022|
phew cyber security sorted

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