Why Your Data Is At Risk – And What To Do About It

The New Report from Rapid 7 Security vendor Rapid 7 has released a new report analysing the results from penetration tests conducted by it between September 2018 and May 2019. The report is based on data is taken from 180 real-world internal and external penetration tests conducted on enterprise organisations. What are the Key Findings? [...]

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What’s BlueKeep and why does it matter?

What is BlueKeep? BlueKeep is the name given to a severe vulnerability that Microsoft recently identified in its Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) service. This is being tracked under CVE-2019-0708. The vulnerability impacts the RDP service included in older versions of the Windows OS, such as XP, 7, Server 2003, and Server 2008. Although only older [...]

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Cybercrime, or cyberwar?

What's the Difference? If your business finds itself in the unfortunate position of being hit with a cyber attack, you might suddenly find semantics important. In two cases currently being played out in court in the United States, Zurich Insurance is arguing that malware attacks suffered by two of its customers should be deemed acts [...]

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Being Small and Mighty

The Cisco report Cisco have released a new cybersecurity report looking at how smaller companies can help defend themselves against cybercrime. Their  "Small and Mighty" Cybersecurity Special Report draws on data gathered from hundreds of respondents across 26 countries. The report reveals that small and medium sized businesses are just as vulnerable to cybercrime as [...]

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Sinking to new depths

What's happening The tragic events in Christchurch last week are being used by scammers and attackers as an opportunity to perform targeted online cyber attacks against New Zealanders. It is sometimes astonishing, even being in this industry, the levels to which some people will stoop. But this is also an area of social engineering that [...]

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Scams Are Big Business

What's New? Cert NZ has released its final quarterly report for 2018. The Cert NZ reports provide an interesting snapshot of recent cyber security incidents reported in New Zealand by both individuals and organisations. The latest report shows that cyber security incidents continue to increase quarter-on-quarter. In total: 1333 incident reports were made to CERT [...]

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NZ Cyber Security Summit 2018

A couple of weeks back we had the pleasure of attending the annual Cyber Security Summit in Wellington. Over 160 cyber security experts gathered together, and there were numerous roundtables, a VIP forum and many expert speakers. We were all given the opportunity to network, discuss and uncover pathways forward for our cybersecurity frameworks. There [...]

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Cyber Smart Week 2018 – Reporting Incidents

Cyber Smart Week Concludes Our friends at @CERTNZ have provided us with some great tips and advice this Cyber Smart week. This last topic is all about reporting incidents. What to do when things go wrong Sometimes things go wrong online – it’s happened to all of us. Don’t worry though, there’s help at hand. [...]

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Cyber Smart Week 2018 – Privacy Settings

Cyber Smart Week Continues We're continuing our focus on Cyber Smart week by sharing more tips from our friends at @CERTNZ. Today's topic is privacy settings. What privacy settings? You like to keep your friends up to date with all those pictures of your pets and kids, but do you really want strangers seeing everything [...]

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Cyber Smart Week – Update Your Apps

Cyber Smart Week Continues We are pleased to share some more useful tips from our friends at CERTNZ for Cyber Smart Week. Today's topic is app updates. Get rid of that dreaded red dot The best way to get rid of those pesky red dots on your apps is to update them today. Updated apps [...]

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