Comprehensive Penetration Testing for Modern Businesses

We undertake deep exploit analysis for web sites and applications, public and private networks, APIs, and specialist systems. Get expert, independent verification of your web site, customer portals and SaaS solutions, with high quality outputs and risk assessments. We offer cost-effective and comprehensive penetration testing for all businesses.

We provide independent proof of the security of your web applications and networks, to
give your business confidence and safety online. We are not just pen-testers, we are
also developers and dev-ops, and we translate complexity into understandable
business outputs.


Monthly payment terms available on any penetration testing plan

Spread the cost of stand-alone, annual, six-monthly or quarterly testing programmes over the year.  Just like SaaS.

(credit criteria and T&Cs apply)

External & Internal Testing

Our certified white-hats will review vulnerabilities and prove weaknesses
from both external and internal sources. We take pride in the quality and depth of our testing.


Our penetration testing can scale for the size
of your business. Our services are accessible to all businesses big and small, mature as well as
innovative start-ups.

Guaranteed Value

We guarantee the quality and robustness of our offering. We provide
a best-in-market service fit for the budgets of SMEs, for single engagements or ongoing testing.


“Our Engineers thoroughly enjoy working with the phew team who deliver a quality pen testing service where they clearly communicate throughout the testing period, and provide quality reports… and make a genuine effort to offer value-adding advice which helps to continually improve our wider security posture”

Information Security Manager – First AML


We collaborate with you to understand your goals, budget,
and time-scales. We collect the key information from your
tech teams and agree the format and content of reporting


We apply deep analysis using the full suite of evolving,
industry-leading testing criteria and mechanisms to identify,
prove and demonstrate vulnerabilities and risks.


We provide comprehensive analysis and reporting, proofs-of-concepts and recommendations for security and resilience improvements, so you can understand and prioritise enhanced security, and ensure the robustness of your systems.


Once any recommended improvements have been carried
out and retested, we provide you with an assurance report
ideal for showing to your external stakeholders.


We are New Zealand cyber security specialists with expertise and experience forged in global financial markets, IT&T, management consulting and SME business management.

Headed up by Paul Bryant and supported by a team of cyber security specialists, we make our expertise available to all New Zealand and Australian businesses as a predictable, understandable suite of services.

Cyber security and business resilience are complex areas. We recognise that not all businesses can find and retain dedicated expertise. Much as your business uses specialist services for legal advice, accounting and perhaps IT, we believe you will look to specialist providers for advice and solutions around the complex and fast-moving area of internet and data safety. We aim to make this area understandable and accessible to all Australasian businesses.


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