Cyber Health Report

Your accessible and comprehensive cyber security solution, to help get cyber off the agenda and into action.
Tailored to your business, providing you with understandable outputs on your cyber security status and future roadmapping priorities.
Your quickest path to comprehensive cyber clarity and actions.

What is a Cyber Health Report?

Comprehensive but affordable

analysis and reporting solution, requiring minimal input from IT and management

A comprehensive analysis

covering all key cyber security areas across your full digital landscape

A dashboard style report

for board and business stakeholders, easy to understand and prioritise decisions around

Fixed price engagement

depending on the scale and complexity of your company and its systems

Key Benefits



Understandable outputs, helping boards and management to simplify a complex area

Shows the status quo

Along with a best practice score, and grade, for your size and type of business

Considering ISO, SOC-2, PCI-DSS?

A Cyber Health Report covers all key considerations for these standards, and can start you along that path, with self-paced progress and costs


Systematised metrics

Demonstrate measurable improvements over time – allowing you to track quantifiable progress towards security best-practice across the business

Identifies quick-wins

Gives you an actionable roadmap of recommended security improvements, prioritised by bang for buck

Cyber Health Report Features

Health Status

Showing your current risk score and grading, relative to companies of your type and size

Quick Wins

The security improvements that will give your company the biggest bang for its buck

Road Map

Prioritised task list of the most important security improvements to tackle first

Traffic Lights

Highlighting the most significant problem areas across 30+ categories of risk and best practice

Achievements and Progress

Tracking improvements in scoring grade as your businesses progresses through its roadmap

High level Indicators

Providing a summary of audit points, depth and status in infographic form

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