Why caring is important in security

When I started phew, I had very clear intentions about building a solid reputation for caring.

“Caring” might seem like a strange word to use when you think of tech. But when you pair it with “security”, it suddenly makes a lot of sense, and even more when you think about the integrity of a professional consultancy.

I believe very strongly that that’s what sets us apart in the cyber security field.
That, and our very specific approach to penetration testing.

You could say our pen testing aligns more closely with the methodical strategy of auditing than with the “hacker swagger” style of testing.

We don’t need to hire mavericks to see if they can break through your defences. Our structured style of standards-based auditing means we can spot holes more reliably, optimising our penetration testing capability, and providing a better outcome for our clients.

We communicate and engage clearly with our clients, removing complexities to provide easy to understand, actionable insights that truly secure your systems.
I think it comes from our educational and industry backgrounds in law and finance. It’s made us fanatical about accuracy, precision, and being 100% focused and thorough.

While pen testing absolutely centres on finding vulnerabilities, our auditing approach means we go further and deeper, providing independent advice on aspects like domain controls, hardening recommendations, and development best practice.

This approach ensures that we identify and understand each vulnerability, allowing us to provide our clients with not just a list of weaknesses but a strategic plan for strengthening their defences.

If you need independent proof of the security of your web services and networks, feel free to touch base with me anytime.