Interestingly it doesn’t really matter. The thing to know is that they’re not located anywhere in particular. Or rather, wherever they are based geographically doesn’t matter, because they can appear to come from anywhere on the internet.

And because that’s true for the attackers, it is also true for your pen testers.

Although we’re based in New Zealand, more than half of our pen testing is for organisations and targets further afield. In the same way that attackers can target any website, webstore, web portal, web application, API or IP address on the internet, we can pen test any target on the internet too.

And not just that – we can also perform private corporate network pen testing remotely. We even test Wi-Fi networks from afar.

We think this allows our customers to get something a little different. They get the best of Aotearoa New Zealand’s hospitality – our quality, comprehensiveness, care and attention to detail – wherever they are in the world. And all for better value than from alternatives located in Australia, the US, UK, or Europe for example.

And sometimes they like to come down under to meet us, and we take them for a look around our little corner of world where we work and play.