When it comes to keeping your personal information safe online, your operating system is your main line of defence. As well as making sure your device works properly, an up to date OS can go a long way towards providing the peace of mind we all want – it’s the big fence, scary dog and finely tuned burglar alarm in one.


When you keep your operating system up to date, simply by accepting updates when they pop up, your online ‘house’ is much safer than when you ignore updates and do nothing. Updates aren’t just about new features, they also have security updates that keep your device safe.


It’s when we forget to apply the updates, like that pesky laundry window we mindlessly leave open. When we forget, the gaps can be used to an attacker’s advantage. Take a recent Bluetooth vulnerability as an example, BlueBorne is a vulnerability that can affect devices that use Bluetooth; computers, phones, tablets through to smart TVs and smart fridges. The good news is, if people have the latest OS updates they’re safe!


Updating the OS on your devices is one of the top things you can do to protect yourself against cyber-crime.


How to keep your data and your devices secure

  • Apply all security updates to all systems on all your devices as soon as they’re available.
  • Set your system preferences to update automatically.
  • Remove any apps you don’t use any more from your devices.


For more tips on stepping up your cyber security, go to www.cert.govt.nz/cybersmart