Staff Security Awareness Training

Staff are your last line of defence and often also your weakest link.
We help address that problem.

Improve the security of your business by investing in your most valuable asset – your people. Our Security Awareness Training is quick to implement and provides measurable improvements.

Engaging, interactive, self-paced online learning


Includes regular simulated phishing testing and phish-prone scoring

Comprehensive training, suitable for all levels of staff

Regular training provides better ongoing engagement over classroom sessions

Full management reporting including identification of high-risk employees

Affordable and low touch. Officially not boring


Our experienced team will get you and your staff set up quickly with a customised training program and provide ongoing support


1. Design & set up tailored SAT program for your business

2. Assist with initial technical configuration

3. Establish baseline security score


4. Train & phish test staff on an ongoing basis

5. Provide dashboard reporting for management on staff progress


6. Help keep security at the forefront of the minds of staff


High cyberquality, portal-based reporting shows you stats and graphs for both training and phishing, ready for management

Significantly increased awareness and understanding of cyber risks


Reduce risk of cyber attacks from employee actions or omissions

Help build a strong 'human firewall' as your last line of defence

Improve your business's security posture by investing in your staff

Client Feedback

“We are able to easily track who does the training and who completes it for compliance reporting.”

“The general trend of clicks is continuing down with staff much more focused and able to avoid phishing attacks”

“Not only are the staff far more cautious, but they have responded very favourably and are open to the opportunity to educate themselves on tools that they can use even
beyond the workplace.”

“It’s our job to make sure our people are cognizant and skeptical of threats so they can stay secure”

 “In a five-month period, monthly phishing rates dropped from 27% to .03 percent”

Choose a package that’s right for you

Simple, predictable pricing. With pay monthly or annual subscription options available and credit card payment, we make it easy for you to implement Staff Security Awareness Testing. The minimum suggested training program is 12 months, to ensure that all key areas are covered and new staff members receive essential training. Talk to us today about how we can help.

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