Cyber Smart Week Continues

We are partnering with Cert NZ this week to share some practical tips to help keep you and your data safe online.

Many New Zealanders feel as though a cyber attack won’t happen to them.  Unfortunately, we are all potential targets for cyber attacks.

However, making sure you’re more secure online is as easy as just doing a handful of things.

Each step you take means your security is stronger than it was before.

What’s 2FA when it’s at home then?

Think of it as another layer of security you can wrap around your important accounts.

Adding another layer of protection to your online accounts means that even if someone gets hold of your password, they still can’t get into your account.

  • 2FA is simple to set up but adds another layer of protection
  • 2FA means that when you log into accounts you’ll be asked for a second thing, like a code from an app on your phone, before you can log in
  • Whenever 2FA is offered as an option, you should turn it on

Layer up this #CyberSmartWeek by adding 2FA to your login process.

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