Cyber Security


Built For Modern Businesses

Cyber security is not just a concern for the IT department – it’s a critical business issue that needs to be managed from the top down. With this in mind we have developed our suite of services to cater for business needs, rather than just the IT crowd.

Cyber Health Report

Robust and in-depth audit and report of your businesses cyber risks, with a clear roadmap of future works

Penetration Testing

Deep exploit analysis for web sites and applications, public and private networks, and specialist systems

Staff Security Awareness

Rigorous and ongoing online training and simulated phishing to help improve your last line of defence

Managed Cyber Security Services

Augment your team and defences, with specialist and independent expertise, as a service, on demand

Cyber Security Consulting

Expertise for all your security projects, from infrastructure design, to network security and business continuity

We partner with your IT & telco pros

Bridging Business and IT

We believe security, privacy and stability are business issues. We work alongside your IT team, in concert with your business, to provide the skills, knowledge and solutions to ensure security and stability are at the fore.

Specialist Skills

Security is complex. The skills, knowledge and experience are specialised, and most businesses can’t find and retain the expertise required to stay ahead of the game. Augment your team with specialist expertise, as a service, on demand.


Independent Verification

It is increasingly accepted that security and stability should be independent from core IT design and operations. We help confirm and prioritise what your IT guys might have been suggesting for some time now.

We Support Your Experts

Smart IT and Telco service providers know that effective security requires detailed expertise and full-time eyes-on. We’re who your IT&T experts use for security and privacy advice and solutions.