What does phew! mean?

We want to hear you say phew! as much as possible. phew! That was easy. phew! Thank goodness. phew! That was close. phew! We escaped that one. phew! We don't have to worry. phew! That's better. phew! is about making robust security and privacy accessible, understandable and affordable to all New Zealand businesses.  Let's hear [...]

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Do you provide services or just advice?

We provide full-service security solutions.  That starts with assessment, analysis, advice and reporting, but it extends to the full breadth of security-as-a-service.  We provide managed firewalls that can sit at the border of your existing main and branch office networks, including dynamic resilient remote connectivity that works across your various types of wired circuits and [...]

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Can we call phew! when we have a problem?

Yes.  You don't have to be an existing customer to call phew! for help.  We will always do everything we can to advise and correct your situation.  We want to hear you say phew!

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Do we have to choose a menu package?

No.  We aim to provide clarity and predictability, so we offer menu pricing to give a clear idea of the way services are normally combined, and a clear indication of value.  Many businesses have similar gaps and requirements.  However, if your business has particular needs, or a different mix of requirements, we like to discuss [...]

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Can’t we just hire someone to do security?

You might be lucky, by all means give it a go.  Security is a specialist area requiring considerable experience as well as training and certifications.  Those certifications are a good measure of expertise - the good ones generally require at least 5 years of practical industry experience as well as 1-2 years of study.  Most [...]

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Can’t our IT guys do this?

Perhaps.  Security and privacy have a relationship with IT.  "IT" is a broad area and it is getting wider.  That is, almost everything we touch these days is a type of technology, so IT has to be responsible for a lot.  Security is really a specialist area that shouldn't be rolled up into "IT".  It [...]

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Does that latest headline affect us?

It might.  Give us a call and we'll talk it through with you.  Whether or not you are already a customer, we'd be pleased to discuss that latest scary headline and give you our take on whether or how it might affect you.  We want Kiwi businesses, and their customers' private information, to be safe [...]

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