Cyber Smart Week Continues

Continuing our partnership with CertNZ this Cyber Smart Week, we look at another simple tool for improving your online security.

Two-Factor Authentication

Two factor authentication provides you with another layer of security that you can wrap around your most important online accounts. It works by requiring an additional authentication from another device, such as your mobile phone, when you log in to an account. This means that even if someone gets hold of your password, they still can’t access your account.

Always Choose 2FA

Whenever two-factor authentication is offered as an option for an online account, choose to activate it. Many of the systems for verifying your login are quite seamless, and the additional security that it provides to important accounts (such as your banking information!) is well worth it.


Get the lowdown on two-factor authentication from CertNZ – see their great article for some in depth tips on using 2FA.

Stay tuned for more tips this Cyber Smart Week!