Cyber Smart Week Continues

Continuing our partnership with CertNZ this Cyber Smart Week, we look at another important tip for improving your online security.

Check Your Privacy

We love to share online – our thoughts on apostrophes, what we’re eating, our holiday snaps. But is your personal info being over-shared? If everyone knows your pet’s name, where you went to school, and where you work, this can give attackers information they could use to access your data and steal your identity.

Take Control

Your personal info is highly valuable to attackers (as well as to marketing companies!).

Take control of where your data goes by:

  • not sharing personal information online unless you understand who is asking for that information and why, and
  • checking that any privacy settings on social media are such that only your friends and family can see your full details

Beware of fun quizzes online, and ‘too good to be true’ offers and competitions. Information gathered through these means is often used to build a profile of you and your friends, which is then sold to companies for their targeted marketing campaigns.


Get the lowdown on privacy from CertNZ – see their great article for some in depth tips on how to protect your privacy online.

Stay tuned for more tips this Cyber Smart Week!