It’s Cyber Smart Week!

Have a nagging feeling that your online security might not be up to scratch? Step up your cyber defence and #getcybersmart.

We’ve teamed up with the government agency CertNZ this week to bring you some tips for things you can do to help protect yourself online.

First up – Passwords

We talk a lot about passwords and the fundamental role that they play in cyber security.

Password managers are an easy and secure way to keep track of all your passwords. They’re like an online safe that only you have the key to. They store and manage your passwords for you and keep them safe using strong encryption. You only need to remember one strong password for your password manager, and it’ll do the rest!

Password managers ensure that all your passwords are unique and difficult to guess. They make online life a lot simpler, as well as lot safer.


Get the lowdown on password managers from CertNZ – see their great article for some in depth tips on using a password manager.

Stay tuned for more tips this Cyber Smart Week!